At 20 years old and in my final year of university, there is a discernible pressure to think about careers, with the very possible reality of having to find a job within the next couple of years. I had spent the last few summers travelling- and whilst I could earnestly write pages about the life lessons that travelling has taught me, I knew that I both wanted to, and needed to, start focusing on my future professional life. Thankfully I had some starting points- I had chosen a creative degree (English Literature and Drama) that I was passionate about, and I had previously spent a short amount of time at a creative marketing agency. With knowledge of Creation through one of their clients and having seen the work they do, it was a perfect fit and I was delighted that they allowed me to come work with them for a week.

Whether it be a class or a job, starting something new is always daunting, but one of the most striking and endearing qualities of the Creation team and office is how welcoming and friendly they are. On the second day, I felt part of the team and I’m certain, other than looking like I had no idea what I was doing, someone walking in to the office would not have distinguished me as new by the team dynamic. There is a perfected balance of professional and social, and the comforting knowledge that I would not be short of coffee or a biscuit. To balance out those biscuits, I did partake in an after-work fitness ‘boot camp’ with the team. I’m still aching from it now, but it was fun and I could laugh about it…the next day, anyway!

One of the key things about work experience is that you actually experience the work. It sounds obvious, but temporarily joining in the mechanism of a company, you can often feel more of a hindrance and consequently can sometimes be cast aside or given futile tasks. This of course was not the case at Creation, and throughout the week I was given a variety of projects. This ranged from researching and contacting companies regarding branding, putting together competitor research, a lot of proofreading, and writing blog posts. But I came away with new knowledge and understanding that is only gained through this kind of firsthand experience. Furthermore, throughout the week various members of the Creation team took the time to chat to me about the company and their roles such as Senior Technology Strategist, Senior Account Manager and Digital Marketing Director. It struck me how Creation is like a complicated machine, made up of so many integral parts that I hadn’t known about before, and the passion that everyone feels for their job shines through. It’s evident in this job that you are personally invested in the companies you work with, whether you’re working on entirely rebranding a company or making small website adjustments.

I strongly believe that the creative industry should have more emphasis placed on it in schools with regards to careers, but work experience at companies like Creation is one of the best ways to really discover not just potential careers but interests. This week has been invaluable and I can now see new pathways for me.

Thanks to everyone at Creation for having me, and making my time with you brilliant!