The Client


The skinny

Audiogum is a heady mix of product design, software, technology and quite a bit of innovative thinking; offering a B2B audio solution like no other.


The Brief

Sound & Vision

When developing the website, we still felt there was a requirement to demonstrate how the Audiogum platform worked in day to day life. Though targeting a B2B audience, the video also appeals to Audiogums end user, showing the full 360 proposition. Working closely with a video partner, we planned, scripted and produced a 60” video.

Creation Cornwall work with Audiogum on an ongoing basis to develop and enhance marketing assets to be used across all new business meetings, plus conferences and events.

The strategy

How we helped

Through extensive research and numerous immersion sessions, we identified the key services within the business and broke these down as simply as we could into ‘products’ and ‘features’.

This simplistic approach allowed us to present each key element in a way that told the story of how Audiogum works and what they could do for a customer’s business. Once we identified the approach to market, the next step was to bring the existing brand to life and launch in the industry.



Algorithms and Blues

Once the brand was in a place to roll out, the next phase of the project was to design and develop a website that resonated with a number of different audiences, from Product Managers to Senior Engineers and CTOs. Following a website workshop with the client, we identified the key site objectives and outlined the required pages and content for the site.

We wanted to create a simplistic yet interactive website that hero’d design and UX. Utilising animation and iconography, we created an engaging & premium site that clearly visualised the Audiogum offering.