The Client


The skinny

NMS is a digital marketing platform for garages and motor dealers across the UK. Creation delivered a bespoke website app and design service.


The Brief

In need of a service

When NMS came to us in 2017, there problem was simple. How do we improve a successful product so we can offer it to a wider audience?

The existing NMS application was designed to allow Garages and dealers to easily set up and market their own websites from a bespoke designed platform. However, whilst the garges loved the product, it wasn’t without it’s limitations from both a functional and aesthetic perspective.

We set to work interviewing the garage owners and their clients to develop a set of customer stories which guided us through the design & development process.

The strategy

How we helped

After embarking on a round of customer and client workshops & interviews, our design and development team created a set of User Experience stories. These stories guided the design approach of both the main NMS sales website and the NMS Garage websites.

Creation Cornwall created both the marketing website along with the Garage website designs with development done by our in-house team.