The Client

Sofa Magic

The skinny

Sofa Magic & Fabric Magic lovingly craft handmade furniture and sumptuous fabrics for beautiful homes.


The brief

Sitting up and taking notice

We’ve worked with the team at Sofa Magic for the past 2 years. In anticipation of their new brand rollout, we pitched an idea to solve two problems. How can we generate greater sales for a beautiful Cocktail Chair range they were producing, and secondly, how can we promote their new serve called Fabric Magic?

The strategy

How we helped

Our talented team of designers rolled out a new brand and look and feel which we took and applied to two different landing pages.

Juniper was a landing page that integrated Shopify to promote and sell their handmade cocktail chair. For Fabric Magic, we pitched an offer that was hard to beat and created a lifestyle approach to the design with photos of the beautiful fabrics.

The results
  • 30%Sales increase
  • 5000Signup
  • 56%Landing page CTR